Judges press conference

The internal wrongs must be going on since long and surely a colossal one that insisted one of the most wisest persons to go public. if we are wise enough to sort out ordeals our own,why would we knock your doors and do you feel by coming our home would provide any shelter?you have bags of nobel people whose credibility is beyond any doubts. Ur steps would dent the image of most trusted institution and cast an apprehensive shadow in the minds of public.

Happy new year to you all

Hi!hello namaste,sat sri akal.
This is Vishi’s last of poem of this saal.
As the curtain calls on this eve
My year’s report must i should give.
Grim faces greeted my year’s fate
For sure gonna chuck result’s date.

So the year is come to an end
Y r u alive for?finding remedy yet ,got stuck.?
Did ur intuition says it is suffice
Or u could better have done this or depending on luck?
U were about to win unfortunately u left with nothing,
Many questions, ambiguous lies,many duped faces,unwanted rushing.

This yr gonna fly soon
So lets cultivate all d loathe , the thorns of trusts,
If m at fault do let me know now,ll nt utter a single word ,remove the dust.
I apologise u with the core of my heart.
with new hopes,new resolutions rest things apart .

Broken,disheartened i started my year’s ride
I didn’t give up,thanks to all well wishers my perennial guides.
In the ever flowing river of obsoletion
Let the bag full of despair,failure ,disappointment vanish.
A new sunshine with lots of success and meriment I wanna cherish.


India has voted in the favour of resolution UNGA for the Jerusalem issue as we always believed in two state theory in this regard.
Though its a tussle btwn Israel vs palastine but it has created an apprehension after u.s jumped into it.
since HAMAS community resides in Gaza strip and FATAH in west bank,they were in the process of making peace in palastine and sort out disputes until u.s adds fuels to the fire by proclaiming Jerusalem(disputed) as israel’ s capital.
Though of 172, 128 casted their votes in the favour and 9 against (might be the reason of deterrence)and 35 choose to abstain from it.
Their silence is surely not the ambiguities or doesn’t be the least interest but fear of its dire consequences .as no one ventures to bell the cat.
As india ‘s decision on this would be efficacious and beneficial globally and create an unbiased picture of ours.
both US and Israel might have raised their eyebrows on seeing our support to their counterpart.
Israel needs india for diplomatic and political reasons , as we buy nearly a third of their entire defence productions ..if we talk abt usa the interest is mutual and china factor also tickles .
Mr.prez hs proclaimed that adds a cherry at the there is nothing alarming but as its tricky tight rope walk and we have to keep balance as no “one size fits all”.

Gujarat elections

I love the neck to neck fight democracy there is necessity to hv a strong opposition else election bcms monotonous,futile and ruling power will strt driving without having even seat belts.bjp has been able to retain in its home state but opponents hava surely given them a dire shock.
Its a wake up call that they cant continue to take people for ride without offering seat.

Do i really exist?

Emerging smiles faded with time, Turns into weeping eyes of mine Heart feels wiped out when it sees smile with glittering eyes, Things got blurry with ambiguous lies. Bunch of emptiness exhausted by tantrums, It shatters without any hope of urs to come. Plethora of feelings gonna disperse in the midst of agonising tears. Still foolishness says its not u,rather nobody believes when one hears. Nothing more than a moving shadow, Nothing to rejoin in a enigma of fate finding glow. Memory compels to turn back down in a memory lane, i resist After going through all,do i really exist.


Due to 2008 financial gruesome crises and a need to thwart from increasing NPAs ,Non performing assets that means loan or advance for which the principal or interest payment remained overdue since long.
Hence a need of Financial resulation and deposit insurance bill 2017 …its main motive is to minimise the chances or avoiding liquidation. it contains alot of jargon and a bit suspicion ..
By deposit insurance and credit guarantee act 1961 you will be given upto 1lakh.but
now as Resolution corporation have formed and would be chaired by 11 members .they will decide the money and have a BAIL IN concept too.that
provides consent of creditors/ depositers is not required for bail in when a finacial firm is in critical situtaion and also cancel the #LIABILITY of failing institution.
#BAIL OUTS -govts can inject public funds (our taxes)inorder to save the institution
#BAIL IN- deposited money can be used.
#ASSETS–the things we own (our deposits)
#LIABILITY- legally responsible for (loans).

Since Financial firms were unable to recover the loans they had paid to corporates that creates NPAs,as of now a colossal amount of 8lakh crores accounts in npa of them 2lakh crores belongs to 12 corporates the question though it never had happened in our country before but still bringing umbrella is always safer than being rained on these measures are essential.
What would happen if bank is in critical state?

If bank fails than all economic hell breaks loose..for this any corporate or bank held responsible for the bad loans ..hence banks and corporates must be accountable before our money is used in filling their errors.